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Living and Seeding The Emerald City

Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Many thanks to Lisa Gawlas for sharing her understandings of the situations we find ourselves in, giving us advance warnings of what to expect. I feel so excited and not a little hesitant, wondering, will I understand and keep on doing things to propel myself forwards, not backwards. (If that makes any sense). Feeling calmer, though. Playing on the radio now is “That word…..L.O.V.E. … Love”…thanks my dear Spirit Team…..shivers….lol They are reminding me it is all about L.O.V.E. love….that word….to all my dear readers, I Love you all, Much Love & Blessings to everyone who reads this…
Sylvia Melaynia xxxx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I don’t know what ever made me think I would be able to do a part 2 with a sharing when we just had the grandest peek into the Emerald City that leaves so much to talk about and further understanding inside of ourselves.  So I am going to get back to one important thing from yesterdays sharing that I didn’t have time to share, then off to the emerald city we will go!!!  Wheeeee ❤ 😀

I am going to use my daily visual at my son’s house for this understanding, as it was presented to me.


The yellow circle is the vortex that is there, all the time.  Now not every place has a functioning vortex like this one, it is the energy of the trees that have enlivened it and continue to support its energy system, a constant sharing as the trees say it.  Ohhhh and what…

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The Emerald City Explained. — The Shift of Time and Energy!

Dear readers, please read this, more wise words from Lisa Gawlas.

It is very Illuminating.

Many thanks to Lisa for her sharings.

Much Love and Blessings to you all. And Happy New Year

Sylvia Melaynia  xx  ((HUGS)) I Love you all…


So where is the Emerald City?? It’s in you. You are it!! When more and more people start to Live the changes they wish to see in this world, a new form starts to emerge. …a new, LIVING hologram we call the Emerald City, the City of Love, Of God.

via The Emerald City Explained. — The Shift of Time and Energy!

Rebirth into Winter Solstice 2017

christmascardGreetings from Australia, my dear Friends/Readers….We have had very hot weather for the start of Summer, & I have been ill with the Energy ‘flu that went around  here, not once but twice! I have a new empathy with asthma sufferers. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, as I had breathing difficulties, and, I must confess to not a little fear there that this might be my last breath. I tried to let the energies wash over me & let all the nasties go. I was left very weak & still have a little cough left, but am working through it, doing a little extra work each day, so we can at least have a festive table & a Xmas tree, & all the chores get done. I like a clean house for Xmas. It may not be 100% this year!

I will take this chance to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, I do hope you have managed to at least do your daily meditation(s) (essential) in preparation for 2017. I am sharing with you my favourite blog from Dragon Rider, (aka Angel Everian). I have followed this man for some years now, his trials & tribulations, successes & amazing experiences, always sharing as much as he can to help all of us following on.

I hope you all have a happy & productive holiday Season with lots of what you Love around you. Enjoy this blog as a gift for 2017. Just click on the link below….

Much Love and Blessings my dears, I Love you all so much,

Sylvia Melaynia xx

Me at my front door






Winter Solstice is upon us and marks the END of 2016, the year of completion (a 9 year in numerology, and the end of 4 years before 12-21-2012 and 4 years following 12-21-2012). Yes, New Years is s…

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December 31, 2016 – Portal of Divine Manifestation – Melchizedek and The Company of Heaven

Hello my dear friends, I have for you wonderful information from Anna Merkaba. A grid, music & an invocation for 31st December 2016, if you are feeling a little disconnected/stuck, not as Joyous as you usually are, this should help. First is the messages from Lord Melchizadek & the Company of Heaven, then step by step instructions on what to do on the day…….just click on the link under the short message below and you can print out the grid/Invocation & listen to the music.

Much Love and Blessings to you all, I Love you, Namaste

Sylvia Melaynia xx


Greetings Everyone! Today I come to you with very interesting and exciting news from our benevolent counterparts. Once again we are not only given an opportunity to change the landscape of our real…

Source: December 31, 2016 – Portal of Divine Manifestation – Melchizedek and The Company of Heaven


Just a little note from our Source Creator…in case you missed it…Stay calm and get out in Nature to combat the energies, if they are too uncomfortable…Sit & do some deep breathing…I Love you all…Much Joy, Love & Blessings, my dear Readers…

Sylvia Melaynia xx

My lovely one; it may seem as if you are surrounded by muck.  The everyday acts of living may make it feel as if you are dragging all of it with you.  There is a

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The Soul Mind and Physical Mind Is Upgrading!!

Well, here we are again, I hope you are strapped in, insight is here…Massive grateful thanks and Love to Lisa Gawlas, for describing for us her experiences, which I hope we will all be having soon, if not now…..Much Love and Blessings to you all, my beautiful readers, press the Source (Love that it’s the ‘Source’ button…lol…)  button for the full experience, includes the best video I have ever witnessed. Be Happy today….


I have decided, it’s one thing when your higher mind goes into the shop for upgrades, it’s a whole other, dysfunctional ball game when the base or lower mind goes in for upgrades.  I st…

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WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

Hello, dear friends and fellow Light Beings, here is more Wisdom from Lisa Gawlas, all I can say is WOW…….would that I was s far along, but isn’t it wonderful for Wayshowers like Lisa is sharing her experiences, therefore taking all the fear/mystery away…and leaving only Love.

To read the whole article, click on the link below, after Source….

Much Love and Blessings to you all, I Love you all….

Sylvia Melaynia



No matter what our toolset, I really feel this gives us all a huge clue as to our role. No longer just sitting in our sacred space but Being that sacred space out in life, in the fields of chaos, …

Source: WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

11:11 The Rose-Gold Gate

Greetings Dear Hearts, here is another super blog from Joanna Fay, to help us all towards the 11:11  Twin Pillars energy and to release and heal with the beautiful heart warming Rose-Gold Meditation. together with her usual stunning photographs, you will really enjoy this!

Much Love and Blessings to you all, I Love you.


Sylvia x

Dear All, This week leading up to November 11 – with the 11:11 ‘Twin Pillars’ energy in high flow – is a beautiful opportunity for deeper release, resolution and healing. We…

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The Resurrection and New Life. It Is, Indeed “OUR TIME.”



My dear readers, greetings, I hope you are all feeling the increased energy in your Heart and following it. This article is just more Wisdom from Lisa Gawlas. It relates to any unusual aches & pains we might be feeling now and why, to read the whole article, please follow the ‘Source’ link….Thanks for sharing yourselves with me, I Love you all.

Peace and Love

Sylvia Melaynia xx


“If you knew you could have it all, would you first give it all up? My heaven, I gave it all away so that I can help my mother. My mother, in turn, gave all she had away (to me of all peopl…

Source: The Resurrection and New Life. It Is, Indeed “OUR TIME.”