The Rip Currents of this MASSIVE Equinox!! Flow With It!!

Re-blogging this post from Lisa Gawlas, mainly to make sure. dear readers, that you do not miss this message from Kryon, link here :- Having recently undergone some changes of my own, (a stroke at the end of January 2017), as soon as I became aware that it was just a mild one, I instantly recognised that this was just another opportunity to learn yet another lesson. I spent the entire time in Hospital trying to find ways of cheering up others, of spreading the Love & Light around as much as I was able to. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this message, & urge you to read it too. I send you all much Love & Blessings on your journey to the emerald city, hope to see you all there. (lol) I’m so excited by all this, I can hardly contain myself. Thanks so much for our dear Lisa for sharing these experiences with us. I send her much Love on her various journeys’, too, (((hugz)))) to you all, hope you are all well & happy. I Love you so much, my Heart is full to bursting.!! Enjoy Kryon….Sylvia Melaynia xxx


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Canopus: Return of the Navigator

My dear readers, sorry this is an older post (Feb 2) , I just have not had the time to read as many posts as usual, due to my having had a (mild) stroke back in January. Subsequently, this has resulted in me having problems with my eyes, coupled with lots of GP/Specialist visits. I just found this from Joanna Fay & thought you might like to visualise the Crystal & repeat the words given. Many thanks to Joanna & her Twin Soul, there is much to be learned from them….Much Love & Blessings to you all. Sylvia Melaynia xx

Heart Star

canopus_alpha-carinae Canopus, alpha star of Carina constellation: image credit Skylab.

Dear All,

Today we’d like to speak about Canopus and a planet of that star, named Erra’mu, which is currently going through a deep Shift/Ascension process that is connected energetically with Gaia’s Shift, to our planet’s benefit too. Canopus is the second brightest star in the night sky after Sirius, not visible from much of the northern hemisphere, but prominent in the southern hemisphere sky, and known mythically as the ‘solitary navigator’ or ‘star of solitude’ in many cultures. To the Maoris, it was Atutahi, ‘stand alone’, and in India, Agastya, the ‘cleanser of waters’. Canopus could be seen from ancient Egypt and was called Kahi Nub, ‘Golden Earth’. All these names have a resonance with Erra’mu which we’ll come to shortly.


Carina was in earlier times seen as part of the much larger constellation Argo Navis, the great ship (equated with…

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A CME Blast Cleanses, Clears and Refills With Passionate Pink!!

Re-blogging this on SilverAngelsWings…wow, Lisa is sure releasing a lot, An inspiration to us all! Stay calm & Love one another, & remember, self Love equals Self Healing…xx Much Love & Blessings to all my dear friends, I Love you all Sylvia Melaynia xx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I wasn’t going to write anything today, since I really didn’t have anything to share that would be new or exciting, except what’s happening to me personally lol.  Until I went to spaceweather this morning…

I didn’t do any readings on Friday or Saturday because the place I live in had their annual community wide yard sale, a time I had been waiting for to finish clearing out my mother’s stuff.  Little did I realize it would also clear out a lot of deep deep pockets of uncried tears that were hidden deep inside.  Friday was the worst and yet, my mother’s presence was everywhere.  The first breakdown I had, those uncontrollable sobs with noise… went on and on until I heard a song come on my pandora radio and I knew I was not going thru this moment alone.  “When I get to where I am going.”  That song…

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Be Aware of the Presence of Light Interacting with Divine Timing!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I had the most extraordinary experience on my way into work yesterday.  An experience, so ordinary in its extraordinariness, that I think that if I wasn’t aware, I would have totally missed it.  I say this part due to a little blurb I read on facebook yesterday from someone just venting about everyone talking about all this new energy and using new ways of to describe it and yet, he feels nothing new happening.

I was sitting in my car waiting to make a left turn onto the road the marina (my office) is on.  There was a massive line of cars coming down the road in the opposite direction.  I was sitting there for a few minutes on a cloudy, foggy morning when suddenly, this massive beam of light came thru the passenger window onto my face.  I acknowledged the light, and with it, without words, I heard watch…

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The Source of ALL Power, ALL Life is Ready to Play!!!

Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings….more wonderful information for us to move forward with. Thanls Lisa…Much Love & Blessings to you ALL….xxx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Yesterday, for me, was strange from the moment  I woke up yesterday til the moment I woke up today.  I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday, centered around the mathematical frequencies that are making up the emerald city.  I had a web browser open to wikipedia and information on Garuda, the hindu birdman, and this sentence jumped out at me: Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellationAquila.  I had already acknowledged within myself that this Garuda dude came from the same race of ET’s as the deitized angles of christianity

220px-garuda_by_hyougushi_in_delhiWhen I woke up yesterday and seen (again) the constellation Aquila I remembered at least one of the ET sessions that, I think, looked like a humanoid with wings, it was explained that we slanged their name from where they came from to what we call them now… angels.  So yesterday morning, I clicked on…

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The Equinox, Easter and The 2nd Coming, En Masse!!

Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Wonderful news, uplifted my Heart so much. Thank you dear Lisa….Much Love & Blessings to all xxx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


The one thing I am absolutely sure of, March is going to be an extremely tumultuous energetic month.  So many doors closing, and as many doors openings.  The end and the new at the same time.  Ha!!  I love this visual… we are all on a back road that is filled with potholes.  We can swerve to miss some them, but not all of them.  We may blow out tires, bend frames, create leaks… all designed to have us take a deeper look at the car we have been driving and install new parts as we cross into the next phase.  There is no just fixing the old.  Keeping in mind (and I think we are all being warned as well, bout damn time) this is all going to make “the field” highly unstable as well.

Another thing I am sure of as well, from all the readings yesterday, more…

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The Solar Wind Blowing Thru Our Expansion!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I wasn’t at all surprised that I could not see anything yesterday, just given the evaporating views of the expanding field the day prior.  That said, I was surprised at the pressure I felt while trying.  To be fair, I only tried hard with my first reading only because trying was physically unpleasant.  The external pressure on my forehead, specifically from the center of my forehead all the way over towards my right ear… when I would attempt to see his field, it was like a vice grip squeezing that area of my head in on itself and instantly made my solar plexus create waves of upheaval in my stomach.  It took about 10 minutes after we hung for all that energy to subside from my conscious Being.  That said, even these moments of unpleasantness in the body is soooo exciting!!  Huge energies are flowing and I feel them, but…

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