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Rebirth into Winter Solstice 2017

christmascardGreetings from Australia, my dear Friends/Readers….We have had very hot weather for the start of Summer, & I have been ill with the Energy ‘flu that went around  here, not once but twice! I have a new empathy with asthma sufferers. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, as I had breathing difficulties, and, I must confess to not a little fear there that this might be my last breath. I tried to let the energies wash over me & let all the nasties go. I was left very weak & still have a little cough left, but am working through it, doing a little extra work each day, so we can at least have a festive table & a Xmas tree, & all the chores get done. I like a clean house for Xmas. It may not be 100% this year!

I will take this chance to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, I do hope you have managed to at least do your daily meditation(s) (essential) in preparation for 2017. I am sharing with you my favourite blog from Dragon Rider, (aka Angel Everian). I have followed this man for some years now, his trials & tribulations, successes & amazing experiences, always sharing as much as he can to help all of us following on.

I hope you all have a happy & productive holiday Season with lots of what you Love around you. Enjoy this blog as a gift for 2017. Just click on the link below….

Much Love and Blessings my dears, I Love you all so much,

Sylvia Melaynia xx

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Winter Solstice is upon us and marks the END of 2016, the year of completion (a 9 year in numerology, and the end of 4 years before 12-21-2012 and 4 years following 12-21-2012). Yes, New Years is s…

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