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December 31, 2016 – Portal of Divine Manifestation – Melchizedek and The Company of Heaven

Hello my dear friends, I have for you wonderful information from Anna Merkaba. A grid, music & an invocation for 31st December 2016, if you are feeling a little disconnected/stuck, not as Joyous as you usually are, this should help. First is the messages from Lord Melchizadek & the Company of Heaven, then step by step instructions on what to do on the day…….just click on the link under the short message below and you can print out the grid/Invocation & listen to the music.

Much Love and Blessings to you all, I Love you, Namaste

Sylvia Melaynia xx


Greetings Everyone! Today I come to you with very interesting and exciting news from our benevolent counterparts. Once again we are not only given an opportunity to change the landscape of our real…

Source: December 31, 2016 – Portal of Divine Manifestation – Melchizedek and The Company of Heaven


WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

Hello, dear friends and fellow Light Beings, here is more Wisdom from Lisa Gawlas, all I can say is WOW…….would that I was s far along, but isn’t it wonderful for Wayshowers like Lisa is sharing her experiences, therefore taking all the fear/mystery away…and leaving only Love.

To read the whole article, click on the link below, after Source….

Much Love and Blessings to you all, I Love you all….

Sylvia Melaynia



No matter what our toolset, I really feel this gives us all a huge clue as to our role. No longer just sitting in our sacred space but Being that sacred space out in life, in the fields of chaos, …

Source: WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

November, December, 2017 and Paying Attention to Details!!

Hello, my dear friends, how are you managing the energy? I am just so tired, but not sleeping well. Here is more Wonderful Wisdom from Lisa Gawlas. Please follow the Source link for the whole blog entry. I Love you all, thank you for reading…

There is no doubt in my mind that November has rolled up like a lion roaring!!  Phew baby the energies in the field amped up its intensity.  I knew it would tho, we have been warned about the light…

Source: November, December, 2017 and Paying Attention to Details!!

Aligning Mary’s Star

DSC03728 - Copy

Hello dear readers/Souls, here is a little piece from one of my favourite Blogs, Heart Star, by the beautiful Joanna Fay, who lives in the State of Western Australia, (In Australia) . This is the latest adventure, and what an adventure, wonderful authentic photographs to back up the experiences.

To read more, follow the ‘Source’ link….you won’t be sorry, I Promise…

Thanks Joanna for your Work to help us all.

Namaste, Peace and Love to you all, dear Readers…

I AM Sylvia Melaynia   xx

All that has been written on all the leaves of all the books can be found in one flower.  ~Ashtar/Thoth Dear All, Today’s post is about a journey of attuning, aligning and anchoring Love into…

Source: Aligning Mary’s Star

Re Reblogged posting from Joanna Fay, entitled 2024.

In one of my replies to that blog, on Joanna Fay’s page, I stated how I Loved the Daily Practice Meditations from Anrita Melchizadek. Well, I got my names mixed up! Imagine!

See the original blog here:

2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

You can also follow Joanna on her Heart Star Blog, here :-


Which is not to say I don’t still Love Anrita Melchizadek’s Meditations, I do, but these aren’t from her.

The Daily Practice Meditations are from Solara-An-Ra….they can be found at this link:-

Please accept my apologies, dear readers, and enjoy the wonderful Meditations.

In Peace & Love, Joy and Abundance, Dear  Hearts, I Love You all

Sylvia Melaynia  xx

The Power of You – Releasing the Fear and Laundry Lists.

More fascinating help…from Lisa Gawlas, Thank you Lisa xx Please follow the link, dear reader….Peace and Love to you all   xx

Guess what… you are god made manifest. Own it and stop being afraid of your own power or that you would or could do unintended harm!! Trust YourSelf the way god trusts him/her Self

Source: The Power of You – Releasing the Fear and Laundry Lists.