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‘The Light Within’ release day

  The Light Within, an anthology of inspirational poems which were shortlisted in the Spiritual Writers’ Network Competition 2016, has just been released, in both print and digital editi…

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Re Reblogged posting from Joanna Fay, entitled 2024.

In one of my replies to that blog, on Joanna Fay’s page, I stated how I Loved the Daily Practice Meditations from Anrita Melchizadek. Well, I got my names mixed up! Imagine!

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2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

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Which is not to say I don’t still Love Anrita Melchizadek’s Meditations, I do, but these aren’t from her.

The Daily Practice Meditations are from Solara-An-Ra….they can be found at this link:-

Please accept my apologies, dear readers, and enjoy the wonderful Meditations.

In Peace & Love, Joy and Abundance, Dear  Hearts, I Love You all

Sylvia Melaynia  xx