Hi, I am Sylvia. A retired Credit Manager. AKA these days as Melaynia. I believe I have a Sirian connection.

I live in beautiful Australia, in the best City, Sydney, I live near the Airport.-, with my partner of 23 years, Kevin.

I live in a small house, one of 5 all joined together by our garages, in OZ they are called Villas! Mine has a small front porch where I have some pot plants, one small garden bed where a Brunfelsia shrub about 6 feet high lives & screens the front door, its profusion of purple, lavender & white Spring flowers are a joy to behold, carpeting the pathway with a purply white profusion….smells nice too…my Villa is at the end of our shared driveway, facing down the drive, to the right of the porch is my loungeroom window, underneath which is a rock garden where nothing grows except a pest shrub, that has very long invasive roots. I tolerate it only. There are only rocks in this part. We have just become aware that we have a Blue Tongued Lizard living underneath one of the oblong planters. He almost scared my partner to death this morning, as he came back from the local shops & almost trod on him…a beautiful animal, keeps the pest down, too, so thank you Mr Blue Tongue!

To the left of the porch is a space to park the car, in front of the dining room window, I cannot get it into the actual garage, as my very expensive midnight blue velvet sofa lives there, the movers could not get it in through the font door, it was about 3/4 of an inch too long. sigh…

I am on my Spiritual Journey, for wont of a better phrase. I am on the Divine Path of Love. Trying hard to face myself and accept myself, Love myself etc etc so I can gain Ascension, eventually and rise t0 5D, and all that this entails, going home, all that stuff….

If I can help you in any way, please contact me here :-


Maybe I can help by trying to explain anything and everything I have experienced so far, or just commiserate with you, send you Love and Healing energy. Anything!

No question is ever stupid or invalid. If you can’t find the answer anywhere else, ask me & If I don’t know I can usually point the way to someone who does.

Let your Light shine from within, always, and envelop you for protection. Allow yourself to foster a relationship with your Higher Self (HS). Listen always for advice from HS. Ask for help and it will usually appear in some form or other.

I Light, Peace, Love and Joy.

I AM Melaynia!

☼°¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼° NAMASTE ☼.‿☼°♥⁀˚⋆




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Melaynia. This is Ankit from India. Saw your description and at the end You wrote this “☼°¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼° NAMASTE ☼.‿☼°♥⁀˚⋆.” Truly you won many Indian hearts. Love and Respect to you.

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    1. Many thanks dear Brother Ankit. I am Universal in mind, and Heart. I live only to spread Source Creator’s Love as far & wide as I can. I am happy to welcome all to my Soul’s musings, mostly, though I share posts from others who have different talents than I.
      If you share Love around this beautiful Planet, dear Mother Earth, Sister Gai’a then your own Soul is on the right Path of Divine Love. I wish you many Blessings, Healing and Universal Love on your Soul’s journey…
      I AM Sylvia Melaynia I AM Love

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