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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I want pick up where I left off in my last sharing.  That was about our energy fields, today, lets talk about our life.  The beautiful and often frustrating day to day life we live.

As we have all experienced to date, and will continue thru this incarnation, life is a vast sea of experiences.  Some we rejoice in, some we would like to package up and send it back to whence it came with a do not return sign attached.  Every experience, necessary for our personal growth.

We have the misconception a lot of times, that we are supposed to be exactly like the soul we are when not incarnated.  Or at the very least, that is our goal in this body, in this life.  Not so.  We are already that all the time.  We came here, in body, to evolve in ways that is just not possible on…

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