Our New Day, New Life, Begins!!

Greetings dear Readers, I am re-blogging this from Lisa Gawlas, so you can keep up with the latest step in her ever expanding Life Path. I am still feeling a little strange after my (mild) stroke, back in Jan….not yet wholly Loving my self fully, but am getting there. I was very lucky, there were no clots nor bleeds showing in the various scans, I just have a small problem in that the tips of the fingers on my left hand are tingling, like the nerve endings are not working properly. I realised that I would no longer be able to do the fine craft work I as doing, so gave all my craft supplies to my wonderful hairdresser, who has looked after both of us for years, at budget rates, coming to the house, for our convenience. Since the stroke affected my left eye a little, & my right eye has a cataract, I can no longer see well enough to read, let alone do fine jewellery work. Plus I was having problems creating outlets for my work, anyway. so I am relieved, the pressure has lifted, & I can enjoy my retirement & just work towards resting up & learning to Love myself all over again. My full gratitude goes to my partner, who stepped up & now pretty much does all the housework/cooking/laundry, as well as co-ordinating all my Doctor appointments, & my medications, it was found that I had also developed an irregular heartbeat as well. So, more medications. I lost weight whilst in hosp….Yay!, keeping it off is proving difficult as my bad back prevents me getting any regular exercise. Thanks for all your good wishes & Love, it is much appreciated. And I return it fully, too….I Love you all…thanks so much for your support…xxx & (((Hugz))) Sylvia Melaynia Much Love & Blessings to you all……xx

The Shift of Time and Energy!

new day

Hi Honeys, I’m back!!!! What an absolute whirlwind April has been for me.  Two weeks in, I am finally starting to get my bearings on all the life changing, life enhancing events that took place since the closing of my mother’s home.  For those not on my facebook, I am now living in Texas with my daughter and grandson.  But I am way ahead of the story.  Let me back up!!

The day of the closing, April 3rd, the lady took a copy of my New Mexico driver’s license and as she handed it back to me, told me that my license expires soon.  What?  I should have years left on it, sure enough, September my license expires.  I put it in the back of my mind until I hit the road the next morning.  I still had tons of car loading to do and let me tell you, every…

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