Mother’s Wisdom

Re-Blogged this on SilverAngelsWings. This affected me greatly, what Love in those words….Thanks Paul for sharing this with us….Much Love & Blessings to all
Sylvia Melaynia xxxxx

iridescent flame

I was talking to Mother Earth… She shared a few things with me.


I am the smallest blade of grass, rising up to embrace the sun

and the great forests as far as the eye can see

I am the tiniest drop of dew on the pedal of a morning glory

and the depths of the oceans teaming with life

I am the stones beneath your feet

and the blankets warming your body

I am sound traveling on the wind

and the blanket of snow where no sound may linger

I am the concrete and pavement and the towering skyscrapers

and the mud hut and nomad’s tent

I am the pulse of life and blood in your veins

and the rhythm of life exploring

I said, “Mother Earth, I see myself as more than a physical body walking around. I see myself as many aspects of self, many aspects of God…

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