Canopus: Return of the Navigator

My dear readers, sorry this is an older post (Feb 2) , I just have not had the time to read as many posts as usual, due to my having had a (mild) stroke back in January. Subsequently, this has resulted in me having problems with my eyes, coupled with lots of GP/Specialist visits. I just found this from Joanna Fay & thought you might like to visualise the Crystal & repeat the words given. Many thanks to Joanna & her Twin Soul, there is much to be learned from them….Much Love & Blessings to you all. Sylvia Melaynia xx

Heart Star

canopus_alpha-carinae Canopus, alpha star of Carina constellation: image credit Skylab.

Dear All,

Today we’d like to speak about Canopus and a planet of that star, named Erra’mu, which is currently going through a deep Shift/Ascension process that is connected energetically with Gaia’s Shift, to our planet’s benefit too. Canopus is the second brightest star in the night sky after Sirius, not visible from much of the northern hemisphere, but prominent in the southern hemisphere sky, and known mythically as the ‘solitary navigator’ or ‘star of solitude’ in many cultures. To the Maoris, it was Atutahi, ‘stand alone’, and in India, Agastya, the ‘cleanser of waters’. Canopus could be seen from ancient Egypt and was called Kahi Nub, ‘Golden Earth’. All these names have a resonance with Erra’mu which we’ll come to shortly.


Carina was in earlier times seen as part of the much larger constellation Argo Navis, the great ship (equated with…

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