A CME Blast Cleanses, Clears and Refills With Passionate Pink!!

Re-blogging this on SilverAngelsWings…wow, Lisa is sure releasing a lot, An inspiration to us all! Stay calm & Love one another, & remember, self Love equals Self Healing…xx Much Love & Blessings to all my dear friends, I Love you all Sylvia Melaynia xx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I wasn’t going to write anything today, since I really didn’t have anything to share that would be new or exciting, except what’s happening to me personally lol.  Until I went to spaceweather this morning…

I didn’t do any readings on Friday or Saturday because the place I live in had their annual community wide yard sale, a time I had been waiting for to finish clearing out my mother’s stuff.  Little did I realize it would also clear out a lot of deep deep pockets of uncried tears that were hidden deep inside.  Friday was the worst and yet, my mother’s presence was everywhere.  The first breakdown I had, those uncontrollable sobs with noise… went on and on until I heard a song come on my pandora radio and I knew I was not going thru this moment alone.  “When I get to where I am going.”  That song…

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