Be Aware of the Presence of Light Interacting with Divine Timing!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I had the most extraordinary experience on my way into work yesterday.  An experience, so ordinary in its extraordinariness, that I think that if I wasn’t aware, I would have totally missed it.  I say this part due to a little blurb I read on facebook yesterday from someone just venting about everyone talking about all this new energy and using new ways of to describe it and yet, he feels nothing new happening.

I was sitting in my car waiting to make a left turn onto the road the marina (my office) is on.  There was a massive line of cars coming down the road in the opposite direction.  I was sitting there for a few minutes on a cloudy, foggy morning when suddenly, this massive beam of light came thru the passenger window onto my face.  I acknowledged the light, and with it, without words, I heard watch…

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