The Source of ALL Power, ALL Life is Ready to Play!!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Yesterday, for me, was strange from the moment  I woke up yesterday til the moment I woke up today.  I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday, centered around the mathematical frequencies that are making up the emerald city.  I had a web browser open to wikipedia and information on Garuda, the hindu birdman, and this sentence jumped out at me: Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellationAquila.  I had already acknowledged within myself that this Garuda dude came from the same race of ET’s as the deitized angles of christianity

220px-garuda_by_hyougushi_in_delhiWhen I woke up yesterday and seen (again) the constellation Aquila I remembered at least one of the ET sessions that, I think, looked like a humanoid with wings, it was explained that we slanged their name from where they came from to what we call them now… angels.  So yesterday morning, I clicked on…

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