The Equinox, Easter and The 2nd Coming, En Masse!!

Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Wonderful news, uplifted my Heart so much. Thank you dear Lisa….Much Love & Blessings to all xxx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


The one thing I am absolutely sure of, March is going to be an extremely tumultuous energetic month.  So many doors closing, and as many doors openings.  The end and the new at the same time.  Ha!!  I love this visual… we are all on a back road that is filled with potholes.  We can swerve to miss some them, but not all of them.  We may blow out tires, bend frames, create leaks… all designed to have us take a deeper look at the car we have been driving and install new parts as we cross into the next phase.  There is no just fixing the old.  Keeping in mind (and I think we are all being warned as well, bout damn time) this is all going to make “the field” highly unstable as well.

Another thing I am sure of as well, from all the readings yesterday, more…

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