The Solar Wind Blowing Thru Our Expansion!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I wasn’t at all surprised that I could not see anything yesterday, just given the evaporating views of the expanding field the day prior.  That said, I was surprised at the pressure I felt while trying.  To be fair, I only tried hard with my first reading only because trying was physically unpleasant.  The external pressure on my forehead, specifically from the center of my forehead all the way over towards my right ear… when I would attempt to see his field, it was like a vice grip squeezing that area of my head in on itself and instantly made my solar plexus create waves of upheaval in my stomach.  It took about 10 minutes after we hung for all that energy to subside from my conscious Being.  That said, even these moments of unpleasantness in the body is soooo exciting!!  Huge energies are flowing and I feel them, but…

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