Creating A Medicine Wheel by Contributing Writer Yvon de Groot

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Creating A Medicine Wheel



Creating an altar is wonderful way to get in touch with the forces and energies of the medicine wheel. Make it somewhere in your home or outside, in the natural environment where it won’t be disturbed, at nature. Take your time to find the place that is right for you. Then start with a small table space with a wooden or stone surface. Making an altar is a sacred process but one of which is a personal process and so you can’t go wrong.

Preparing The Sacred Space

Once you have found the place where you want to create your medicine wheel, start first with the cleaning of the surface with Sage or Palo Santo holy-wood. Palo Santo is enjoyed by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. You can find it in metaphysical shops or natural food stores. You can also use a…

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