The New Holy Grail

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Dear Readers, here is another blog, with a different perspective. It all makes perfect sense to me. how about you?
Much Love and Blessings to Dragon Rider for sharing this with us, to MamaFoo for her wonderful work & insights & sharings, and to you, my dear readers as always.
I Love you
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame

Article from my great friend and light worker Mamafoo:

Here’s the content of the article:

Shared with the 1111 Quantum Link Up Of Illumination Event.. Hosted in Lightworker & Empath Support Group on Facebook. We are celebrating 25000 Members and are very blessed to share with so many.

Going to share one experience before we release this energy at its highest tone. Feel free to share yours.. a message for our now, our next two years and for addition to your own buffet of choice.


Mamafoos Visions/ Vast Experience 1-10-2017

1-10-2017 is a 111 Trinity Triad Codice. Just as the year 2017 and 2018 as they pair in essence, 2017-1 2018-11 (never break down Master Numbers) the 111 Trinity Triad Codice for 730 days! 7 and 3 creates the tone 1– the zero is omnipresence, no end no beginning, constant.. That same Language of Numbers has shown me…

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