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Dear Readers, just in case you need the info, here is new blog from Tiffany Stiles, The Mystical Lotus. Wish I had read this earlier in the month! Enjoy, my dears.
Much Love & Blessings to Dragon Rider, who shared this with me, and to Tiffany, for the hard work & Love with which she provided the Blog for us to learn from.
Thank You Tiffany!, Lastly, Love & thank you dear Readers for continuing to follow my blog.
I Love you all
Sylvia Melaynia xxx

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

Full Moon In Cancer Grand Cross  January 12th, 2017

Dear Beautiful Souls!

You may have already begun to feel the pull of the great Grand Cross Full Moon in this watery sign of Cancer. With the Grand Cross we deal with polar opposites, opposition, duality, and a complete lack of understanding on a communication level. This equating to RELATIONSHIP CHAOS! Through this full moon phase, you will have more relationships fall away on a permanent basis that are no longer serving your higher purpose than in previous months/years. You will notice you will be feeling this way one minute and that way the next…complete opposites.

All emotions rise from the heart in an eruption of emotional chaos that has been felt within. This can be tied to past emotional trauma that is unresolved. This type of full moon configuration brings past to present. It brings exes back into the now for…

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