Wake Up! You’re Dead…

Re-blogged this to SilverAngelsWings. I am glad you are not dead, dear Dragon Rider!. Maybe that’s selfish! Good interpretation of the dream, though, I thought.
Thanks for sharing. Much Love and Blessings to you and to my dear readers.
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame

I had a death dream the other night.
I was a passenger in a car, in the back seat. We were coming up a mild rise or hill and I looked back and saw an impatient driver start to pull into the left lane to pass us. I turned around as we crested the hill and saw a red car coming from the other direction in that lane (two lane road). I knew they were going to crash, and I tried to say something, but it was only a split second before they would crash.
And then they didn’t crash, we just kept driving and the other cars didn’t exist anymore.
I told the other two people in the front seats what happened and they didn’t really respond.
The scene changed to our destination. Someone was crying as someone else was giving the news that there…

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