1111 Healing and Meditation Experience

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Dear Dragon Rider, thank you from the bottom of my Heart for this sharing. I felt I was there as an observer, and you described each happening so well, my Heart was so full of Love. I hope that all my dear Readers will make the time to sit & meditate as suggested and feel the Wondrous Love for all and all for us. Many many thanks for this sharing, dearest, much Love and blessings to you,
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame


I was invited to participate in a group meditation for January 11th, 2017 for it was a day of 1’s. A day of new beginnings. I was also invited to create a meditation for other participants to use if they wanted to, and to be an energetic “anchor” with four other people,  to hold space for healing in quantum space. I’m leaving names out for their own privacy.

It was somewhat last minute to jump into this, so I meditated by myself to work with my spirit team and see what meditation would be appropriate for this event. As part of that meditation, I established myself as this anchor and aspects of these other four, in spirit, joined me. I included the meditation at the end of this post and it’s written in a general way so as not to guide people to see what I saw, but to see…

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