The Amplified Light of Our Bodies!!

Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Wow, wonderful insights from Lisa today, She is a Biometrics engineer! I had been wondering, what she defined herself as, if anything, & what she was according to Spirit.
Much Love & Blessings to Lisa for more information to enlighten us with.
Peace and Love to you all who are reading this
Sylvia Melaynia xx

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I am so excited, ETville has reopened!!  YAY!!  I have not been able to access that area since the fog filled vortex showing up over the marina back in December.  As soon as they opened up they gave me a gift, a gift I didn’t even realize I needed as much as I did in that moment.  Validation that I am getting this stuff correct in hearing and in interpretation.

The first thing I had seen was this highly reflective large oval landing pad across the marina.  Not a completely unfamiliar sight at all.  But there was something different about it, about the ones I have seen that are in relationship to the lab/base in the gulf of mexico and I knew it wasn’t located there.  I started to hear back, they are located in the gulf of arabia.  Arabia?  What??  Is there even gulf of Arabia???  I couldn’t even…

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