When I Began to Crumble

Re-Blogged on SilverAngelsWings Wow, Dragon Rider, what a roller coaster, glad things are getting better. Thanks for sharing, it all helps us, too….Namaste
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame

Dilapidated classic car at the edge of the Namibian desert

I was talking to my friend Jeff about the this 9 year cycle which concluded on New Years (well actually at Winter Solstice, but most associate it with the New Year).

Looking back 9 years, I realized that a key event in my life started the process of crumbling and breaking down my life, my ego, my ideas of who I am, and what is important.

Anyway, this isn’t a poor me story, for this was just the catalyst for huge changes to start so that I could be ready for 2017 and a new beginning.

My wife at the time was obsessed with buying equestrian property where she could enjoy horses and amazing trails and live a life of bliss. I had a bad feeling about it as a business, and it was really expensive too. I wasn’t willing to sell our house on a whim and uproot…

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