Truth is Light

Re-blogged to SilverAngelsWings Thank you Dragon Rider for your insights. They will help us all. Namaste
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame


There’s a light that shines brightly as truth comes forward. There are many “truths” that apply, maybe all truth ultimately.

The biggest truth, the one that will shine the most light is the truth of yourself, of who you truly are. That we are all made of love. The core of creation, source, God, or whatever word you want to use, is LOVE. You are many aspects of being, expressions of God, and as you rediscover and love these many expressions, they (you) merge into your own “oneness.” You become LOVE incarnate.

The ascension process, or awakening if you prefer, is really about accepting and loving all of yourself, and merging back into this oneness. We have an opportunity to do this as a group, with the planet, and to do so in a very physical way. And that is what is happening RIGHT NOW. Waiting for next year…

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