Life Goal – Ascension

Re-Blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Thanks so much, Dragon Rider. That seems a good description to me, I wish you well with it, I, to wonder what it would be like if my partner could be in ‘sync’ with me in this way. I can’t see it, though.
Thanks for sharing….Namaste
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame


I’ve read several articles about setting intentions for a new year and knowing what you want and don’t want. One particular article, which I can’t find a link to now, talked about life goals and asked what common thread was present for something to accomplish in your life.

I thought about this, and the answer was simple. I’ve been focused on ascension for ALL of my adult life. Not that I’ve been focused on it every day of every year of course, but it has been the theme so far.

Most of that time, I thought ascension was a process of enlightenment where I would transmute my physical body to a spirit body that was “me,” and which I could pop into and out of physical whenever I wanted. I also believed that I would mostly want to go somewhere else, like home to a distant place.

When I was…

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