Children of Light

Re-Blogged to SilverAngelsWings. Wow, thanks so much for sharing, that was sooo beautiful, I Love your writings, they make me feel as if I am there, observing. It was great news, I have had confirmation of this happening through Lisa Gawlas. That we don’t need to send our Light into the darkness any more, we can surround ourselves with The Light instead, and help ourselves Ascend. Blessings and thank you thank you…..
Sylvia Melaynia…xx

iridescent flame


Almost none of this went as I expected, which was delightful.

I prepared my room, got the crystal skulls all settled and laid down on my bed under the pyramid, the merkaba chandelier centered on my heart directly above me.

I shot a green root from me to Gaia’s core to ground me and flow green healing energy and she laid next to me in goddess form on the bed. She is so warm and loving, nothing but love, hugging me tightly so that I feel safe.

I asked my spirit guides to join me, to surround me and hold sacred space for this. The room was VERY full.

I asked for pure source light to flow through the pyramid and into me and the vortex of energy kicked up a few notches in golden light.

The light flowed through me, through Gaia as goddess on the bed, and into…

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