Christ Light

Sharing this post with you , my dear readers, another aspect of our Soul’s journey….I wish you all well with your own Divine Path of Love.

Much Love and Blessings

Sylvia Melaynia


This post is ultimately about embracing Christ Light in ourselves and seeing it in ALL people. But how I got to that place in meditation is part of the path. I was in my bathtub beginning to medita…

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  1. Hang on in there Sylvia, sounds like your doing the right things. I’ve lost some weight going sugar free. If we need a drinks sweetening we are using Argave nectar that you can get from the supermarket in a bottle on the same isle as the sugar. Its a plant extract and tastes better than sugar. If I decide to make banana cake I use Palm sugar and coconut oil instead of butter.

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    1. I just lost a long reply….twice!!!! So I guess I wasn’t meant to write all that to you. I will email you about the sugar thing. I am an expert!!
      Thanks, darling, much Blessings of Love, Joy & Abundance to you & Dear Hubby, also the ‘ladies who channel’….
      Sylvia Melaynia xxxx


    1. My goodness, Eileen, thanks so much……I wish I were there with you, so I could give you a big ((HUG))…plus I’m sure it’s a lot cooler where you are than in Sydney, it’s gonna he very hot for the next 2 days….well over 30C…
      Keep up the great work!
      Sylvia xx


      1. Yeah, thanks for the Healing. About 4 weeks ago I had a ‘feeling’ that I should stop all pain pills, my pain has actually decreased a little & I am no longer putting the nasty pills in my stomach! My ‘feeling’ is that Spirit can’t help whilst the pills are in my system…..So, any Healing is very welcome, I can tell you! I tried so hard to go shopping last Sat, took me ages to get ready, but I got across the road & about 5 houses up & I had to give up & go back home, I was in so much pain. I am finding the current energy difficult to cope with, I’ve slept more in the last few weeks than ever, &, (a bonus!) my appetite has actually decreased. I find I can no longer eat large meals, & have cut right back on my bread intake. I just feel awful if I don’t! So, there is good & not so good! But, I reckon it’s all good, ‘cos I am more determined than ever not to give up. The energy has had me giving up one minute & the opposite 2 days later. Roller coaster feelings indeed…How are you ladies coping with the energy? Re the Heat, I watched the Weather on TV this morning & we will be lucky if it stays below 30 C for the next week, also very humid & possible showers Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed! Sydney is well known for being a hot & humid city in summer. We had a lovely Winter, I miss England & the cooler weather…….Must go, stuff to do…Thanks once again, I Love you…Love to the ladies, too….xxx

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