My True Mission

Re-Blogged this on Silver Angels Wings…Thank You Sananda and Peter, I am still trying to master this….sigh….this clarifies it for me….
Sylvia Melaynia xx

Elemental Grace Alliance



CHRIST says:

‘I know how very difficult your life is. As I descend from the heights of spiritual Joy to make contact with earthly vibrations, I, myself feel the changes of consciousness within myself and feel the pressure of the heavy, burdensome vibrations and your thoughts upon my soul.

When I came to earth two thousand years ago, my Mission was to enlighten the minds of people who had taken on and into themselves, a religion part pagan – part mystical. The people, who had so imbued themselves, were arrogant and convinced they were the chosen people of a God – Jehovah – whom they ardently believed in but who did not exist.

Their prophets spoke of their mystical perception of some transcendent spiritual Consciousness. They used imaginative language to describe this GOD. They created mental images of greatness and grandeur. They also produced the…

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