Aligning Mary’s Star

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Hello dear readers/Souls, here is a little piece from one of my favourite Blogs, Heart Star, by the beautiful Joanna Fay, who lives in the State of Western Australia, (In Australia) . This is the latest adventure, and what an adventure, wonderful authentic photographs to back up the experiences.

To read more, follow the ‘Source’ link….you won’t be sorry, I Promise…

Thanks Joanna for your Work to help us all.

Namaste, Peace and Love to you all, dear Readers…

I AM Sylvia Melaynia   xx

All that has been written on all the leaves of all the books can be found in one flower.  ~Ashtar/Thoth Dear All, Today’s post is about a journey of attuning, aligning and anchoring Love into…

Source: Aligning Mary’s Star


One thought on “Aligning Mary’s Star

  1. Dear Sylvia, thanks very much for sharing this post, it is a special one to me, as it’s both a completion and beginning of so much coming to fruition. Much Love, Light and Joy to you, Joanna & Ashura ❤ xx

    PS: Western Australia is called 'The Wildflower State', and it is a truly magical and abundant Spring here this year. I could post pages and pages of flowers…….but as Ashtar says, everything can be found in One. 🙂


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