Part 3 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

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Elemental Grace Alliance

Part 3 – Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 12th, August, 2016

bv19719“Beloved and Esteemed Members of this Alliance, Peter, and Those Dear Souls who have been drawn to these Discourses by Their Own I Am Presence, I Am Metatron, and I return here today in confluence with the previous Discourses about the New Adam Kadmon Race, now in its Initiatory States of Manifestation here upon Earth.  In this Part 3 and the final Discourse by Me, I shall endeavor to cross section that of the Adam Kadmon Man and Woman with the New Pyramidal Light Temples that shall now begin to form upon the planet. These Pyramidal Structures shall be the Foundation Stones for what shall Evolve into Greater Manifestations of Light Communities for the Benevolence of the Children of Light and the Family of God.

“I Know…

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