Pure Magic

Now that makes sense to me!! My partner is having problems with the TV in the bedroom, it is an old TV & keeps turning itself off. Also, in the last 18 months we have had problems with – the Water Heater, washing machine (twice), microwave blew up, set top box died, & 3 weeks before Xmas, the fridge stopped cooling! Now this……..no cash to replace. lucky we have a great Charity who had the washing m/c fixed & got us a re-con fridge!
Magic indeed….maybe I’ll tell him to unplug & re-plug!
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Peace and Love
Sylvia Melaynia xx

Openhearted Rebel

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By Terry Andrews (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), New Earth Experiences, February 8, 2016

The high-powered energy coming our way lately, helping us evolve, can also cause snafus with electronic equipment. Hence, I had to call my cable TV provider to fix a signal problem. After three separate visits by three separate technicians, the problems was still not fixed.

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