Christmas Day, Full Moon~Light Activation

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The New Divine Humanity


There has been a lot of hype about the upcoming Full Moon being rare. The Last Full Moon on Christmas Day was just under 40 Years Ago. The next Full Moon on Christmas Day will not take place till the year 2034. Add to this also during the Christmas season, an Asteroid on Christmas Eve. With the recent powerful, Winter Solstice, one thing for sure, what we have is a powerful Full Moon in Cancer, on December 25th, at 7:11 am AST. Which adds to the intensity, of Your Transformation.

Emotions and deep subconscious stirrings, will allow more that is within you, to be brought to the Light, to the Light of Consciousness, this Christmas Day.

Full Moons are a culmination. What takes place on the Full Moon, began on the New Moon. Full Moons are often very emotional times. Now with this Full Moon in Cancer, on Christmas Day (already a…

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