You Are Getting Closer

Maria voices my exact feelings about this Ascension process….and I give thanks for the Wayshower she is. It just makes me feel so much better, helps me along the way, what a Teacher….Thank you Maria Peace and Love Re-blogging this on Silverangelswings xx

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You are getting closer to your enlightenment, in spite of what you may be experiencing physically and emotionally in your life.  In fact, the more unsettling things become, often it is a sign that you are clearing on even a deeper level.  But to your human self, it may feel like you are just not getting it, or you are doing something wrong.  You may become increasingly disillusioned, wondering if you will ever get past issues of a physical or emotional nature.

Sometimes when I feel that I’ve had enough of the challenges of being human, of going through this amazing yet often overwhelming transformational process, and I consider going to the other side, I get sad. Not because I am afraid of dying. I’ve done it thousands of times, but, I am sad about leaving. I would miss the little pleasures. And at the risk of sounding sentimental, here are some…

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