Journal Entry 12.12.2015 – Letting Go

Food for thought…..more pieces of the puzzle for me…Peace and Love
Namaste xx

Blue Dragon Journal

Mazama Ridge, MRNPJournal Entry 12.12.15 – Letting Go

Another day, another portal, another stair-step to ascension, or so “they” say; it is all the same to me, a succession of blah gray days, punctuated by brief glimpses of the sun and blue skies and visits from Family.

I KNOW that I am ascending, as I get visits from “Family” every day now, little acts of encouragement, numerous downloads and encodings, promises of future cooperative work and so on. Yet there are times when I get very discouraged, feel lonely and unfulfilled.

I’ve worked for nearly a decade in a tough environment for a woman, a male, high-security prison. And ironically, it’s only now that some of my male co-workers are beginning to have an inkling of the will and intelligence that lurks behind my dark hazel eyes. Ironic, indeed, because soon I will be leaving.

After a difficult day on Friday last…

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