Love Thyself…

Wonderful insights here….I learned a lot, nice to know someone else has similar problems, & I thank Dragon Man for his bravery in posting his. Namaste & Blessings…I Love you all….
Sylvia Melaynia xx

iridescent flame


Well, there I am, staring into my bathroom mirror. Feeling a little vulnerable with this, but maybe that’s part of my inner work too.

I also think I look a little angry, and I have been processing some anger so there must be some truth to that, but it’s also because I just worked out and veins are bulging from my head…

I had a session with Raven Many Voices yesterday, and much of that session was about me loving me, all parts of me, not just my spiritual parts. So this is me really looking at my physical self, both with introspection, and finding the courage to love myself.

So I look into my own eyes and see how I feel. I look at my body and embrace what I like and what I’m not so happy about so I can turn that around to being loving and positive.


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