ABOUT The DAILY~ Queen of Light Transmission

What a wonderful resource for those of us who need help with Ascension.
Love and Gratitude to L’Aura Pleiadian Delegate, The Queen of The Light.
Peace and Love always xx
Sylvia I AM Melaynia xx

The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura Pleiadian

The Daily 12pm ADT (Atlantic Standard Time) Queen of Light transmission is a  Frequency transmission from the Central Sun to you and your cellular consciousness and DNA for your Shift. This includes ALL aspects of your life, including your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

During the Daily Light ~Transmission You Receive Cosmic Rays of Light that Awaken Dormant Codes within YOU 

This is ultimately for your Healing, Abundance, and Mastery of Form during this your incarnation through Grace.

Your Frequency ( cells and DNA and Heart) entrain to the Higher Frequency of Harmony,  Divine Love, and Union through the Transmission. These Frequencies adjust themselves specifically to you.

Harmony is Divine Flow, and creates Harmony throughout all aspects of your Life.

This Light includes all Rays of Light, the COSMIC Rays.

The Light transmission is Divine Love, Harmony and Union. God/Goddess Union, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine.

The Central Sun, the Spiritual Sun, is most often experienced as Golden…

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