Are You Choosing Acceleration or Filtration??

Oh, my, what an entertaining writer you are, Lisa…,,,I just had to share and re-blog. I really ‘got’ what you were getting at…more so when I switched from reading with my ‘large print’ reader (lol) and could actually see the images, light bulb moments 1 – 5…haha…you showed me how I, myself, are living at the moment, up & down in the dam donut hole….it made the most sense to me…so glad I found you…now, maybe I can stop going down the hole & do more of going up away from the hole….I am cacking myself laughing now….I love you to bits! Thank you Universe/Spirit/whoever….for bringing me to the Joy that is Lisa Gawles…Now maybe I can keep on going up instead of up & down, I have been asking for someone like you who tells it like it is, with humour & joy. Some writers are a little bit dry & too serious, & just make me doubt myself more….xx Peace and Love xx much Love and Blessings to you xx
Sylvia (I AM Melaynia)

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Of course, on a day I had so much to share, my hind end woke up late.

The most interesting, actually, quite astounding event happened thursday, the morning of the 23rd, a good thirty minutes before my first reading of the day.  I had just finished my blog and had to do bird duty, with the heartwarming return of all the hummers again, they are whizzing thru food like no ones business, yay!!  Two of the three feeders were empty, gotta feed my babies first.    Before I even got up from my computer chair, I got a quick glimpse of my first lady on the field, holy heavens, talk about rocking my world, literally.

I could see her standing on this node in her center of her life and suddenly everything in her vision started shaking, like an earthquake… a vision quake!! Suddenly I could see that membrane thing…

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