Deep in the Jungle

Blessed indeed…<3 xx

iridescent flame


I have been blessed recently to take a shamanic journey deep into the Amazon, guided by my mentor and friend Raven Many Voices. I won’t talk about all of the details as it is not all intended to be shared, but I will share my personal experience during this journey.

I traveled to the Amazon as my spiritual self, with my eagle wings spread wide. We traveled in a group, and landed in a small village where elders and guides awaited us. These are indigenous people, fully incarnated in physical, but also fully open as spiritual beings. They were awaiting our arrival.

When we arrived, I was standing next to a very large black panther. I stroked his head and neck, the soft and thick fur on his back. On the perimeter of the village I saw Obsidian observing, and taking flight to orbit above.

I listened to the…

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