Unusual Visions

Re-blogging this, Paul, Peace and Love Sylvia x

iridescent flame


I went to see my massage and energy healer Kristen, for a long overdue massage a couple days ago. I have been having some breathing issues, which I know from experience has to do with grief and processing a lot of emotions, not just my own, but my loved one’s emotions too.

When she finished with my massage she did some release techniques to help me process and release these energies. She was the conduit and catalyst for the work, and I was free to see or experience whatever happened to flow through.

As these visions were flowing, I started laughing because they were so absurd, and entertaining. I didn’t expect any of these to play out the way they did.

The first vision that came into view was of a “monkey beetle.” It was shaped like a four-legged beetle, but had brown fur and the head of a monkey. It…

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