Musings May 15 2015

This site is a work in progress,  If you know anything about WordPress & settings etc…maybe you could help me…I spent all afternoon fixing up my existing pages/settings etc, then it said now add a theme. I found a theme & previewed it then activated it, but it didn’t  add the theme to the original page but an entirely new blog page…it’s very confusing!

So forgive me dear reader while I continue this tomorrow.

My Love to you all.

Thanks for popping by, maybe it might be a little more interesting further down the track.

Sylvia aka Melaynia

PS One of the changes I made are the ‘like’ links, the ones that are showing are not correct. I will try & figure it out tomorrow. Also the posting date is all out of whack too…sigh…Thanks for being so understanding! xSHINING LOVE TO YOU


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