My True Mission

Re-Blogged this on Silver Angels Wings…Thank You Sananda and Peter, I am still trying to master this….sigh….this clarifies it for me….
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Elemental Grace Alliance



CHRIST says:

‘I know how very difficult your life is. As I descend from the heights of spiritual Joy to make contact with earthly vibrations, I, myself feel the changes of consciousness within myself and feel the pressure of the heavy, burdensome vibrations and your thoughts upon my soul.

When I came to earth two thousand years ago, my Mission was to enlighten the minds of people who had taken on and into themselves, a religion part pagan – part mystical. The people, who had so imbued themselves, were arrogant and convinced they were the chosen people of a God – Jehovah – whom they ardently believed in but who did not exist.

Their prophets spoke of their mystical perception of some transcendent spiritual Consciousness. They used imaginative language to describe this GOD. They created mental images of greatness and grandeur. They also produced the…

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Relationships, The Karmic Tie, and Freedom!!

Hello my dears, here is more wisdom from Lisa Gawlas on relationships, Karmic Ties and more. If you are reading this, then you (and I) were led here for a reason, search your daily life, or ask your Team, to find out more.

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Much Love and Blessings to Lisa for her Work to help us all, and also to you all, I Love you.

Sylvia Melaynia xx



Wow weezer’s batman!!  What a massive day yesterday was, at least, thru each and every reading.  Light bulb after light bulb kept turning on.  Now I pray, I have enough space in this crazy ha…

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Aligning Mary’s Star

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Hello dear readers/Souls, here is a little piece from one of my favourite Blogs, Heart Star, by the beautiful Joanna Fay, who lives in the State of Western Australia, (In Australia) . This is the latest adventure, and what an adventure, wonderful authentic photographs to back up the experiences.

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Thanks Joanna for your Work to help us all.

Namaste, Peace and Love to you all, dear Readers…

I AM Sylvia Melaynia   xx

All that has been written on all the leaves of all the books can be found in one flower.  ~Ashtar/Thoth Dear All, Today’s post is about a journey of attuning, aligning and anchoring Love into…

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The Resurrection and New Life. It Is, Indeed “OUR TIME.”



My dear readers, greetings, I hope you are all feeling the increased energy in your Heart and following it. This article is just more Wisdom from Lisa Gawlas. It relates to any unusual aches & pains we might be feeling now and why, to read the whole article, please follow the ‘Source’ link….Thanks for sharing yourselves with me, I Love you all.

Peace and Love

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“If you knew you could have it all, would you first give it all up? My heaven, I gave it all away so that I can help my mother. My mother, in turn, gave all she had away (to me of all peopl…

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Re Reblogged posting from Joanna Fay, entitled 2024.

In one of my replies to that blog, on Joanna Fay’s page, I stated how I Loved the Daily Practice Meditations from Anrita Melchizadek. Well, I got my names mixed up! Imagine!

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2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

You can also follow Joanna on her Heart Star Blog, here :-


Which is not to say I don’t still Love Anrita Melchizadek’s Meditations, I do, but these aren’t from her.

The Daily Practice Meditations are from Solara-An-Ra….they can be found at this link:-

Please accept my apologies, dear readers, and enjoy the wonderful Meditations.

In Peace & Love, Joy and Abundance, Dear  Hearts, I Love You all

Sylvia Melaynia  xx

2016 Poetry d’Amour ‘Summer of Love’ evening :-)

Well done you, Dear Joanna….I am re-blogging this on Silver Angels Wings….Peace and Love hope you win!
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Joanna Fay

For those of you who live in Perth, Western Australia, or who may be in Perth on November 19th, all are welcome to an ‘evening of love poetry under the stars’, to be held in the Japanese Garden at the Perth Zoo from 7pm. My poem the sheet could be silk is a finalist for this year’s Poetry d’Amour Award, for which prizes will be given and the Summer of Love anthology launched on the night! Hope to see you there.🙂


Details are available on the WA Poets Inc. website.

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The Power of You – Releasing the Fear and Laundry Lists.

More fascinating help…from Lisa Gawlas, Thank you Lisa xx Please follow the link, dear reader….Peace and Love to you all   xx

Guess what… you are god made manifest. Own it and stop being afraid of your own power or that you would or could do unintended harm!! Trust YourSelf the way god trusts him/her Self

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